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1.3.0 server crashes

Reported by: _shape2 Owned by:
Priority: normal Component: FileZilla Server
Keywords: memory access crash Cc:
Component version: 1.3.0 Operating system type: Windows
Operating system version: server 2022


Hi, while I can't repro on demand (yet), I am having server crashes.
The error suggests it's a memory access violation (Sig[6].Value=c0000005)
I was running a VERY old version of the server. I recently installed 1.3.0 and since I did, I get the same crashes on both servers.

I am attaching the windows crash report. Happy to provide any more data that i can.

Server : windows server 2022 standard
ram: 8gig configured, utilization never jumps over 50% of the ram
cpu: 4 cores
When they crash, only a single client is connected, uploading via single thread.

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filezilla-server.exe.7464.dmp (4.6 MB ) - added by _shape2 18 months ago.
server2-filezilla-server.exe.7464.dmp (4.6 MB ) - added by _shape2 18 months ago.
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by _shape2, 18 months ago

Attachment: Report.txt added

comment:1 by Tim Kosse, 18 months ago

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Please submit the minidump, it's located at c:\windows\system32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\CrashDumps

by _shape2, 18 months ago

comment:2 by _shape2, 18 months ago

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uploaded the file, but not sure if that one will help. it's file date is 3/18, but the server crashed today 3/24.

comment:3 by _shape2, 18 months ago

if it helps at all, I uploaded the dmp file from my 2nde server. it crashed about the same time as the first server.

let me know if I can get anything else.

thanks for the help

comment:4 by _shape2, 18 months ago

so the server crashed again yesterday/last night. I am getting what ever logs I can.

I say Crashed (maybe there is a better term) in the windows server event viewer, I have two entries a 1000 and a 1001
the 1000 says app error, the 1001 says app crash
there is no new dump file created.
the filezilla logs were on debug level and I will attach them, nothing jumped out, but not sure if I understand all of the logs either.

on the admin console all I see is lots and lots of ECONNREFUSED - connection refused by server.
last thing(I think) is that when I look in the logs, it was the same PC connecting as the other crashed. I dont think it was the same file (I am digging into that now). again, thanks for your help.
I am attaching files in just a moment. let me know if I can get more data for you.

by _shape2, 18 months ago

Attachment: ftplogs.txt added

comment:5 by Tim Kosse, 18 months ago

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Which client software are you using to connect?

comment:6 by _shape2, 18 months ago

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Hi, This PC is using SyncBackSE V10.2.14.0 (it could be a rev behind, but I do know it's 10.xx)

comment:7 by _shape2, 18 months ago

a few updates as I have been looking at this all day. the PC was was not on the latested SynchBack, it was one patch behind, so I updated to 10.2.14 and that is the newest. that did not chagne anything.
what I did figure out, is that it's something related to TLS, on the client side, if I disable ALL encryption, (comminiucations and data channel) the server does not crash and the all of the client data is transfered.

if I enabled TLS, the server crashes.
I adjusted the FTP emulation? on the client. it was on their "legacy" ftp. if I change that to Chilkat or weonlydo (... I have no idea what those are..) but if I change to either of those and leave TLS enabled.. the server does not crash, but there is a crazy issue, where the file scans ALL fail with read errors.
disable TLS again and works great.

so it's looking like TLS related
all I have so far.

comment:8 by _shape2, 18 months ago

sorry.. false alarm. without tls, I can get a few thousand files transfered, then the server just starts throwing errors. (not crashing.. so thats good..?)

comment:9 by _shape2, 18 months ago

sorry for all the updates, trying to provide data to you.

it's not tls at all, but it appears to be some files (trying to narrow it down) I removed a program from the PC and the ftp is working fine.

I so no hits on any of the virus detection (sending pc, ftp server, or nightly backup from the ftp server)
but looks to be one or more files causing the server to either 1) crash, or 2) if it does not crash, the server just stops working.

comment:10 by Fabio Alemagna, 17 months ago

Status: newmoreinfo

Hi, could you please tell us if the problem persists with the latest version of FileZilla Server? You can get it from here:


comment:11 by Fabio Alemagna, 17 months ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: moreinfoclosed

Given no response in one week and that a similar bug has been solved in 1.4.1, I am going to close this one. If it's needed, please reopen it with further info.

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