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special characters

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I use Filezilla server 0.9.23 beta on Win2000 server SP4.
I have problem with "french" characters, I don't know the words to explain so here is an example.

here is a sample of the filezilla log.

(000018) 2007-03-21 17:55:04 - mrouillard (> CWD /Bases de données
(000018) 2007-03-21 17:55:04 - mrouillard (> 250 CWD successful. "/Bases de données" is current directory.
(000018) 2007-03-21 17:55:04 - mrouillard (> PWD
(000018) 2007-03-21 17:55:04 - mrouillard (> 257 "/Bases de données" is current directory.

and this is what I see in my ftp clients, for the current directory.

/Bases de données

Is there a way to arrange that?
I have tried with CuteFtp and Directory Opus, and Ie7.


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comment:1 by Tim Kosse, 17 years ago

Your client doesn't seem to be UTF-8 aware. Please use an UTF-8 aware client or avoid using any non-US-ASCII characters.

comment:2 by blackpixel, 17 years ago

Just for my knowlage, why i didn't had this pb whith Serv-U (I had others :) )
It's working fine with filezilla client.
Ie7 don't work, in Explorer folders are OK but not the adress bar.
UTF-8 ? is it a new thing ???

Thank you.

comment:3 by Tim Kosse, 17 years ago

Yes, UTF-8 for FTP is rather new. Prior to that, FTP was only specified for 7-bit US-ASCII, using any foreign characters was outside the specification. Still lots of clients and servers ignored this grave issue.

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