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Cannot open folder with about 1200 files

Reported by: jkealey Owned by:
Priority: normal Component: FileZilla Server
Keywords: Cc: jkealey, Tim Kosse
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  • Running server 0.9.22 beta.
  • I have a folder with 1168 files in it.
  • All clients timeout when trying to open this folder (filezilla, IE, command line ftp).
  • I moved half of the files into a subfolder: loaded fine.
  • While loading with latest filezilla client, I see the bytes downloaded increase in 8k increments and freeze at 23360 bytes.
  • here is a sample log, with IPs removed

(000011) 12/13/2006 18:58:30 PM - jkealey (MY_IP)> CWD inventory
(000011) 12/13/2006 18:58:30 PM - jkealey (MY_IP)> 250 CWD successful. "/Inetpub/wwwroot/" is current directory.
(000011) 12/13/2006 18:58:30 PM - jkealey (MY_IP)> PWD
(000011) 12/13/2006 18:58:30 PM - jkealey (MY_IP)> 257 "/Inetpub/wwwroot/" is current directory.
(000011) 12/13/2006 18:58:30 PM - jkealey (MY_IP)> TYPE A
(000011) 12/13/2006 18:58:30 PM - jkealey (MY_IP)> 200 Type set to A
(000011) 12/13/2006 18:58:30 PM - jkealey (MY_IP)> PASV
(000011) 12/13/2006 18:58:30 PM - jkealey (MY_IP)> 227 Entering Passive Mode (SE,RV,ER,IP,15,201)
(000011) 12/13/2006 18:58:30 PM - jkealey (MY_IP)> LIST
(000011) 12/13/2006 18:58:30 PM - jkealey (MY_IP)> 150 Connection accepted
(000011) 12/13/2006 18:58:33 PM - jkealey (MY_IP)> 226 Transfer OK
(000011) 12/13/2006 18:59:07 PM - jkealey (MY_IP)> disconnected.

The last disconnected is the filezilla client that disconnects after a timeout. Other clients like IE stay connected.

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comment:1 by Tim Kosse, 17 years ago

Please make sure all routers involved are using the latest available firmware.
For a test, uninstall all firewalls and virus scanners (The only way to truly disable most of them).

comment:2 by jkealey, 17 years ago

  • There are no routers, it is on a dedicated server.
  • There are no virus scanners.

Will look into windows firewall... but why would it freeze only on a folder that contains tons of files?

comment:3 by jkealey, 17 years ago


You are correct. The problem does not occur when windows firewall is disabled. Is this a configuration problem that I can quickly resolve or am I doomed? :)


comment:4 by jkealey, 17 years ago

Note: Works fine when in active mode.

comment:5 by Tim Kosse, 17 years ago

Firewall issue. Please contact Microsoft for proper configuration of their firewall.

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