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SFTP Login

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I login to a server via SFTP using the IP address. The
server name is set to some name like "server". I have a
user id ssrini on the server. When I login from
FileZilla, the user name is automatically set to
ssrini@ipaddress but this login will not be found on
the server and authentication fails. If I set login id
to ssrini@server the login id is set by FileZilla to
ssrini@server@ipaddress and this is also wrong.

How do I setup FileZilla to not append any data to the
user id specified ? (I can do this in the Putty SFTP
command line client easily !)


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comment:1 by Tim Kosse, 17 years ago

So your username contains the @ character?

comment:2 by ssrini_vasan, 17 years ago

Let me explain. My user name is "ssrini" (no @) and the
server's is called "server". However I have to login with
ip address (since the server ip does not get resolved etc)

Now FileZilla automatically appends @ipaddress to my login
name. While authenticating, this fails since there is no
user called ssrini@ipaddress. The correct login would be
ssrini@server .. but FileZilla again appends the ipaddress.

I want to specify a user name in FileZilla so that

FileZilla does not append any additions to the login in SFTP

Hope this clarifies.


comment:3 by Tim Kosse, 17 years ago

Internally, FileZilla uses a component of PuTTY to connect
to SFTP servers.
It's started as subprocess with the username and host as
fzstp.exe user@host:port

So in your case, it would be started with fzsftp.exe
ssrini@ipaddress:port and in the message log "CONNECT
ssrini@ipaddress:port" will be displayed.
From the commandline argument to fzsftp, the username will
be extracted again (which is ssrini), no other suffix is
ever appended to it.

This is likely caused by some other issue. Can you please
attach a log with enabled debug information? (See debug page
in settings dialog)

comment:4 by ssrini_vasan, 17 years ago

I made one change and this started working. I had ssh
running on a non-standard port (FZ was also pointed to this
nonstandard port) but there were errors in connecting. I
set ssh back to 22 and then FZ also to 22 and the login
works as you have explained.

Anyway it works now, so Iam closing the message.


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