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FileZilla Client to vsftpd (CentOS) random data modification

Reported by: parkmo Owned by:
Priority: critical Component: FileZilla Client
Keywords: Cc: parkmo, Tim Kosse
Component version: Operating system type:
Operating system version:


I test file download and file upload.
There is a modification like follow.
I found that modification occurs in download time.

ftp server : vsftpd-1.2.1-3E.1, CentOS 3.6

Kernel version : Linux version 2.4.21-

ftp client : WinXP, FileZilla 2.2.27

There is no modification when I use WinXP ftp(console
client) and Alftp.

The follow is result of my test.

[root@]#xxd ../ > ../ce.xxd
[root@]#xxd > ce.xxd
[root@]# diff ce.xxd ../ce.xxd

(downloaded file) (orgfile)

< 014ff80: 5cba 3a54 f9c1 6aa1 a472 c9b8 72d9 2994

014ff80: 5cba 3a54 e512 afe1 a472 c9b8 72d9 2994

< 0ee0f80: 5eec b17c ce96 6fad 8cde a2b6 6e5e 47d3

0ee0f80: 5eec b17c 9e13 6361 8cde a2b6 6e5e 47d3

< 2284f80: 0b66 332e b941 651e 1d1d 83d8 82bc
e8e7 .f3..Ae.........

2284f80: 0b66 332e 778d 846c 1d1d 83d8 82bc

e8e7 .f3.w..l........
< 22d5f80: fce5 fcc1 af3b e453 4ccd de4b 9626
565d .....;.SL..K.&V]

22d5f80: fce5 fcc1 bdfc 12ae 4ccd de4b 9626

565d ........L..K.&V]
< 280ff80: ac6b 3913 a7b8 b17a 0ea3 e57c dd07
8ad1 .k9....z...|....

280ff80: ac6b 3913 2976 f331 0ea3 e57c dd07

8ad1 .k9.)v.1...|....
< 3625900: 1ee9 4c59 c3eb c905 2dd5 2245 0ddf
4747 ..LY....-."E..GG

3625900: 1ee9 4c59 6c72 5701 2dd5 2245 0ddf

4747 ..LYlrW.-."E..GG
< 3652f80: 0958 16f6 41a7 a007 e493 d169 8550
1f7d .X..A......i.P.}

3652f80: 0958 16f6 4a46 6d90 e493 d169 8550

1f7d .X..JFm....i.P.}

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Please post a complete log with enabled debug information.

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