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Filter conditions: whitelisting

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Priority: normal Component: FileZilla Client
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Component version: 3.25.1 Operating system type: Linux
Operating system version: Kubuntu 16.04


In the Filter rules / conditions section user can filter out what he likes.

Would it be possible to also have the whitelisting approach here? I mean first I would exclude everything and then I would add files / folders individually, thus letting them be processed.

I did not elaborate it well yet but it could be the opposite of the current method.

Sorry if I am missing something and this can already be achieved somehow.

Thank you in advance.

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comment:1 by Kurt McKee, 7 years ago

Keywords: filter,whitelist → filter whitelist
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It appears that this is already possible.

  1. Edit the filters.
  2. Create a new filter (for example, "my whitelist of awesome things").
  3. In the "Filter conditions" dropdown, select "Filter out items matching none of the following".
  4. Enter all of the individual files/folders you'd like to whitelist.
  5. Click OK and then enable the filter.

I've tested this just now in FileZilla Client 3.25.2 and it behaves as you're requesting. Please confirm that this gives you the behavior you're wanting and then we can close this feature request. =)

comment:2 by dan23444, 7 years ago

Thank you for the explanation, it works.

However, I still have a problem. I'd like to exclude (hide) a sub-folder (web/assets), but I'd still like to see the 'assets' folder in the root, but I can't find the way. (In other words, there are two folders, both with the same name, one is in root folder and one in 'web' folder.)

Do you think this is possible?

I tried with 'path -> matches regex', using a negative lookbehind, but it seems POSIX does not allow lookahead/lookbehind.

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