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Toolbar icon size does not change

Reported by: Max Poletaev Owned by:
Priority: normal Component: FileZilla Client
Keywords: toolbar icons ui interface Cc:
Component version: 3.24.1 Operating system type: OS X
Operating system version: 10.12.3


How to reproduce:

  1. Go to Settings → Interface → Themes
  2. Choice Default theme
  3. Set scale factor to 0.50
  4. Press OK

Expected behaviour:
Icon size on toolbar is decreased.

Current behaviour:
Icon size not changed.

Version: 3.24.1

Build information:

Compiled for: x86_64-apple-darwin16.4.0
Compiled on: x86_64-apple-darwin16.4.0
Build date: 2017-02-21
Compiled with: Apple LLVM version 8.0.0 (clang-800.0.38)
Compiler flags: -Werror=partial-availability -Wall -g -std=gnu++14

Linked against:

wxWidgets: 3.0.3
GnuTLS: 3.4.16
SQLite: 3.16.2

Operating system:

Name: Mac OS X (Darwin 16.4.0 x86_64)
Version: 10.12
CPU features: sse sse2 sse3 ssse3 sse4.1 sse4.2 avx avx2 aes pclmulqdq rdrnd bmi2 bmi2
Settings dir: /Users/maxim/.config/filezilla/

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comment:1 by Tim Kosse, 7 years ago

Resolution: wontfix
Status: newclosed

Unfortunately OS X only supports two toolbar sizes. If you want to have this fixed, try convincing Apple.

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