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Pane reconnection no longer applies synchronized browsing, loses correct path

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When opening a server you can Ctrl+{t, r} to get another tab open in the same folder.

In the past this would preserve synchronized browsing, turning it on after reconnecting.

While this used to work fine it is broken in filezilla since at least 3.21: Synchronized browsing will be turned off when reconnecting.

Additionally, the local pane will take the location of the previous loaded directory for that server, while the remote pane will take the location of the remote pane on the tab you were on when you created the new tab with Ctrl+t

As a result, if you open two tabs for the same server, change directory in one, and switch to the other tab and reconnect, the new connection will open with one directory in the wrong place.

I've tested this bug in 3.21.0, 3.22.0 and in windows, and in 3.21.0 in debian


  • Connect to a server in sitemanager with synchronized browsing on
  • Ctrl+t
  • Ctrl+r
  • Bug: synchronized browsing is turned off in the new tab
  • Ctrl+y
  • Navigate to a different folder
  • Switch back to first tab
  • Ctrl+t
  • Ctrl+r
  • Bug: Local pane is the folder from tab 2, remote pane is the folder from tab 1

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