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Conflict between hidden files and directory comparison

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Priority: normal Component: FileZilla Client
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Component version: Operating system type: Windows
Operating system version: 10


Per tickets such as #1278, directory comparison is the only workaround for obeying the Windows "hidden" attribute.

FileZilla cannot achieve the following:

a) Obey Windows hidden settings
b) Directory comparison

If you create a filter to hide hidden files and directories, the following error occurs when connecting with directory comparison enabled:

"Cannot compare directories, different filters for local and remote directories are enabled"

If you try to apply a hidden attribute filter under remote filters, you are (correctly) told:

"Selected filter only works for local files."

There seems to be no way to remove the vast amount of ridiculous cruft from showing, *and* use directory comparison. The two notions are orthogonal: directory comparison is based on the data you want to see and expect to see, while hiding OS cruft is about removing all the behind-the-scenes system data that has no bearing on anything that you are ever doing (which is why it's hidden from you at all times).

It should be possible for FileZilla to obey the Windows file view state, while having full functionality when working with a Linux server, since the files and directories that should be hidden in the local view don't relate to working with a Linux server.

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