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[REGRESSION] Site manager window is huge and cannot be resized

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Priority: normal Component: FileZilla Client
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Component version: Operating system type: Linux
Operating system version: ubuntu 15.04


I opened the Sites Manager.

The window is ridiculously tall, as you can see from the screenshot. It even exceeds the height of the screen, though fortunately the buttons are accessible (but what if my screen had been smaller?!?)

What is much worse, the window CANNOT BE RESIZED.

I tried to resize in the standard way as you do in Ubuntu. The resizing cursor does appear when you hover the mouse over the upper borders or corners of the window (the lower ones are outside the screen; note that if you were on mac you could only resize the window from the bottom), but clicking and dragging doesn't resize the window as expected.

This issue has appeared after I upgraded from Ubuntu 14.04 to 15.04 (through 14.10). So this is a regression somewhere between whatever version was distributed with 14.04 and whatever version is distributed with

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screenshot demonstrating the huge Site Manager window

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by teo8976, 8 years ago

screenshot demonstrating the huge Site Manager window

comment:1 by teo8976, 8 years ago

I can see part of the cause of the issue:

Most of my site folders were expanded (presumably that was how I had left them the last time I had used FZ).

Apparently the window, by default, shows up at a size (almost) big enough to contain the whole list of sites, despites this is COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY, since the panel containing the list of sites has a scrollbar of its own.
By the way, the list was exceeding the panel allthesame (making the scrollbar visible), so maybe the window size has an upper limit. I don't know whether this upper limit is fixed (would be fatally wrong), or if it is supposed to be calculated to not exceed the screen height, in which case it is calculated WRONGLY, because the windows DOES EXCEED THE SCREEN, though only slightly.

AND, regardless of whether you consider it a good idea or not (which it isn't) to expand the window as much as possible to try accomodate for the site list, it is unacceptable that it cannot be shrink
1 - you should be able to shrink it regardless of the size of the site list, because the site list has a scrollbar of its own anyway
2 - even after collapsing a few folders, hence making the list much shorter and freeing plenty of space at the bottom, it was still impossible to shrink the window.

(please note how much of a pain in the ass the workaround is)

  1. open the site manager
  2. collapse as many folders as needed so as to make the list shorter
  3. actually CONNECT to some site (the workaround won't have effect if you click Cancel)

=> next time you open the Site Manager, the collapsed state of folders will be remembered, and if the list is short enough, the window will be smaller.

Note that this workaround is not available if you have a long list of sites not organized in folders (or if you have a lot of folders at the top level).

Altogether it's absolutely pathetic.

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comment:2 by Tim Kosse, 8 years ago

Resolution: outdated
Status: newclosed

Please update to the most recent version of FileZilla. We cannot support outated versions.

comment:3 by Tim Kosse, 8 years ago

Priority: criticalnormal

comment:4 by teo8976, 8 years ago

Then please release a package for Ubuntu with a version that is not outdated.
I'm using Ubuntu 15.04 for Christ's sake

comment:5 by teo8976, 8 years ago

By the way, have you checked if the bug I describe is fixed in the latest version?
You should do that before you close the issue.

comment:6 by Tim Kosse, 8 years ago

I'm not observing this bug on my system.

comment:7 by teo8976, 8 years ago

And I'm guessing that you do have a list of sites long enough so that you would observe the issue if it existed, right?

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