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need Option for disabling drag & drop — at Initial Version

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I am using filezilla since years, but here is what happened to me:

1) I wanted to add a simple blank 1x1-pixel.jpg on our production server, in the "media" directory.

2) there was a little lag - I was stressed - or whatever, Instead of entering the directory, I - Accidently - Drag & dropped an important part of the whole MAIN FILE TREE at a random place.

I know it's not "a bug" but fact is, it happens, and it can happen to anyone.

  • it was a shared web hosting server, many production services werent available anymore until the fixe
  • During this time all dataImportsManagers were still running with random results and file messing since the directory tree was broken

I ve seen others post on forums like this one, years ago, but getting (imho) dumb response like "its not important it only concern a small fragment - check your mouse sensitivity (really ??)"

This is totally wrong because it is dangerous.
The only certain thing is that I ll never use filezilla again until there is an option to prevent this...

like a simple checkBox "[] disable drag & drop" ? I doubt it would require tons of time, but it sounds required.

Thx for reading, JB

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