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Filezilla does not start properly

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Priority: normal Component: FileZilla Client
Keywords: Cc: dwymi02, johnmerritt72, elsapo, kieselhorst, mani_seeta, mchargue, Tim Kosse
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Operating system version:


System Model : Dell Optiplex GX/1 500Mbr+
System Type : X86-based PC
Processor : x86 Family 6 Model 7
Total Physical Memory : 512.00 MB

OS Name : Microsoft Windows XP Pro
Version : 5.1 2600 SP 2 Build 2600

Version 2.2.18

Problem Description:
I've been using FileZilla for just about a week. I
setup a couple of sites to perform some copies and all
was working fine. I created one site from scratch and
I believe that I cloned another.

The problem started when I went to start FileZilla, the
window never displayed. I tried starting FileZilla a
couple more times with no success. I verified that the
FileZilla process was running via the Task Manager.
Prior to my deinstalling FileZilla I saved a copy of
the FileZilla.xml file. I did this because I did not
want to have to re-enter my site locations by hand again.

Once FileZilla was reinstalled, I verified that
FileZilla would start, at this point, all is OK. Next,
I copied the FileZilla.xml file and I was able to
reproduce the problem.

I will submit the FileZilla.xml file for review.

You can send me responses to my email @


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comment:1 by johnmerritt72, 18 years ago

I am experiencing the same thing. However, even though I
never see the window appear, the icon appears in the ALT-Tab
list and I can switch to the program, at which point the
window and task bar icon appears and everything works normally.

comment:2 by elsapo, 18 years ago

I've reported this bug twice on here, but my bug reports
were both closed without the bug being fixed. I know what
the problem is, or at least what was causing it for me --
the problem is that FileZilla remembers the last local

FileZilla has a bug that directories on network drives are
miserably, pathetically slow, and if it is remembering a
network drive for the local drive, it doesn't display its
main screen for a LONG time.

I think there are two workarounds: you can go in and edit
your registry and change where it has stored the last
working directory, or there is a global setting to set a
global default directory.

comment:3 by kieselhorst, 18 years ago

So am I...

The ALT+TAB workaround works fine but it's annoying!

comment:4 by mani_seeta, 17 years ago

After analysing the issue, following are my observations:

  1. while installing filezilla some other files are installed in registry.
  2. These files are shared on some other application on the local system.
  3. Even by uninstalling other application will effect the current application.
  4. Try checking for such kind of application.
  5. Just simply by copying .xml files of previous installation may not work at some instance.

comment:5 by mchargue, 17 years ago

This happens to me too, and it is rather annoying. Still happening on

comment:6 by Tim Kosse, 17 years ago

Please try FileZilla 3 beta, it should not suffer from this problem.

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