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Local files/folders not case-sensitive

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If you have a network drive mapped to a directory on
a UNIX machine, FileZilla can browse it in the "local
site" window just as it can with C: etc.

But there's a problem... the UNIX filesystem is case-
sensitive, so you could have X:\MyFolder and
X:\myfolder as two separate folders (where X is the
mapped drive). FileZilla can't handle this.
When you try to view a local folder that contains two
folders of the same name but different case,
FileZilla hangs. It stops responding and hogs around
100% of CPU.

This was particularly bad for me, as I was viewing a
folder, then I created a subfolder which had the same
name but different case as an existing subfolder, (to
be fair, FileZilla didn't let me do this, I had to do
it on the command line), and refreshed FileZilla. Not
only did it hang at that point, it proceeded to hang
every time I started FileZilla... it had remembered
the last local view and tried to reload it at startup.

Unfortunately it doesn't get as far as writing
anything to the debug file.

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comment:1 by Tim Kosse, 18 years ago

Thanks for reporting this. The hint with the case sensitive
filenames might be exactly what I need to finally fix all
the mysterious freezes that got reported previously.

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