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#9095 invalid uppercase QUIT from an AIX is not accepted Emiliano Pacelli

We have a counterpart that has filezilla server and in case we login from our internal system (AIX OS), that issue the QUIT command in uppercase, we receive the "invalid command error". On the other hand, if we issue the quit in lowercase, everything goes smoothly. Another info, if we repeat the same test from a windows system, the filezilla server accepts the quit both in upper and lower cases. We can't change the QUIT command in the AIX procedure and we think that this case sensitivity applied in the first test, is not correct. Could you kindly verify?

#9228 duplicate Slow double click to rename file then right click freezes whole interface. Ben Witte

This happens to me farely often, I will click a file slowly twice usually by accident, and then right click (my initial intended action). If you right click in that text box that appears after the slow double click it freezes everything. I can still Exit through global menu but that is about it.

I think i am an overclicker so this may not have come up for other people :)

I am using Ubuntu 13.10 and filezilla 3.7.3 I have had this issue for a long time over several versions of each.

Just tested on OSX and it is not an issue there.

Thank you filezilla!

#10159 rejected line-break parasite character resulting in display in chinese Phil

I have uploaded to my server the following html file When I then accessed it, either by Firefox or by Internet Explorer, it was displayed in what appeared to be chinese or japanese characters. In the source code, I noted that the original line-breaks had been replaced by a character represented by square with four tiny characters, in it.ⴀ䔀儀唀䤀 I downloaded the file back again, through Filezilla,onto my PC, and the result is like my original file except it dispolys line-breaks had been replaced by a character represented by a thin vertical rectangle.The source code contains the original french characters but with the squares: "acteurs de laഀ mondialisation" How can I eliminate that unwanted transformation ?(which I imagine is due to some kinf of compression, the file is 728K )

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