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#8103 invalid Password Eyelene

Hello, I am trying to use your program but it wants a password when I open it. I never got a password. I went to your forum but it won't even allow me to register with my gmail account. Please help!

Thank You

#8662 outdated FZ now won't launch - gives Error code "F4MDamageTitleStr" Rob

My FZ app had worked for past 4 months, thankyou.

For the last 2 weeks upon attempting to launch it falls over leaving an Error message "F4MDamageTitleStr" followed by "F4MDamageMessageStr".

To try to work around the problem, I have on four occasions:

  1. uninstalled and trashed the original app
  2. downloaded the currently available zip file ( from your site
  3. unzipped it
  4. attempted to launch, but
  5. it doesn't. It just displays Error message "F4MDamageTitleStr (followed by) F4MDamageMessageStr" for 10 seconds
  6. sometimes followed by "FZ quit unexpectedly..."

I now don't know whether I was originally using or (and at any rate isn't now available on your web-site). I have since also downloaded the new "" but it gives me the same problem.

Mac support tell me they can't recognise it as Mac-related and believe it's software related. Can you help please as it was such a good FTP app. Hopeful, Rob

#4664 outdated FileZilla connections fail using Old/Pre-installed clients, but not fresh installs JPP

FileZilla (newest versions) fails to connect to a VSFTPD server (2.1.2) using the standard timeout of 20 seconds in standard FTP mode on Windows XP machines. Clients never 'touch' the server as far as server logging is concerned and shows 'connection timed out could not connect to server'. Server is running RedHat Enterprise v5 patched as needed. Kernel: 2.6.18-92.1.22.el5 #1 SMP

  1. Increasing the client side timeout to 30 seconds allows the clients to connect, but directory displays and other actions are sluggish.
  2. This occurs on previously installed and used FileZilla clients, even those that have been uninstalled and reinstalled.
  3. NEW/Fresh (never before installed) installs of FileZilla on Windows XP/Vista machines connect to the server quickly and flawlessly every time with the stock 20 second timeout.
  4. We have turned OFF firewalls on the server side, no effect.
  5. Disabled firewalls on Windows machines, no effect.
  6. Using other FTP clients (cuteFTP, NCFTP, and command line clients) on the effected machines provides clean/quick FTP connections. Only FileZilla seems to have this problem.
  7. This is occurring from various locations, and connection types so its not related to a particular network or location on the client side.
  8. Problem can be reproduced every time.
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