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#2106 layout in servermanager (password and dont store) Alexander Schuch ensonic

move up the "don't store password" checkbox in servermanager, so that one not enters a password and then checks the option and the pasword field is then disabled. This needs to be the other way around. Maybe this can be put into the logon-type group above user-name.

#2129 Retry Time Countdown Alexander Schuch anonymous


One feature (apart from timestamps :-)) that FileZilla is lacking is a countdown showing how long it will be until the next reconnect.

eg. I may have the settings set at retry 999 times every 90 seconds, but at 72 seconds I may want to connect by hand. This isn't possible with the current build of FileZilla.

Speaking of retries, I tried to set my retries to unlimited by entering 0 but it didn't work so I assume this isn't implemented either? An unlimited retries option would be nice :-)

Thanks for a great FTP client!

#2133 cr-lf translation between win and linux Alexander Schuch cqfma

I am moving this to this area (was incorrectly posted on the support request area, sorry).

The line ending bytes are different for text files on windows and for those on linux type os [cr vs cr,lf]. A nice feature some popular ssh and ftp clients have (, FTPExplorer) is to translate appropriately these text files when ASCII file transfer (either Auto based on extensions or Forced) is in effect. This makes it possible for almost all text browsers on both win and *x side show the file correctly on the respective os.

Please add this feature to FZ file transfer. If such an automatic translation is not desireable for some users, then may I suggest adding another preference setting to do this translation. Thank you!

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