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#12399 rejected Trojan. Tacio

Trojans are being identified in your FileZilla_3.53.0_win64_sponsored-setup.exe software, can you understand why?

#12398 rejected too many connections (several dozens up to some hundreds) with settings max connections = 1 Axel

FileZilla Client 3.53.0 (macOS 10.13.6) cable internet (200 MBit/s)

Settings -> Transfers:

  • max simultaneous transfers: 1
  • limit for concurrent downloads: 1
  • limit for concurrent uploads: 1

Site Manager -> Transfer Settings:

  • maximum number of connections: 1

With these settings (see screenshots attached) I would expect, that only one connection is being used. Other than that (depending on how much files I transfer, lets say 1000) FileZilla creates during the FTPS transfer several dozens (up to some hundreds) connections to the server until I got blocked by the servers firewall.

Is this a bug or a feature? ;-)

Settings Site Manager

#12397 rejected Connecting to third party S3 provider loleg

After fiddling ..a lot!.. with the S3 connection and site settings, and having successfully connected to official Amazon S3 buckets, I cannot manage to connect to a Linode Object Storage S3 provider which works completely fine using the s3cmd tool. There is always a 403 user access denied error. I tried rotating my access keys and various ACL and permission settings to no avail.

If anybody else has managed to use FileZilla with Linode or another third-party S3 provider, I would appreciate a tip. They recommend the CyberDuck client, which is not supported on Linux.


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