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#5550 rejected Toolbar glitches Dukers

I just need to connect and the toolbar get into this (screenshot annexed - the red lines are mine). When I mouse hover the icons appears again, but the space between them not.

Windows 7 Professional x64 pt-BR FileZilla Desktop resolution: 1600x900 (Aero enabled) VGA: Intel GMA X3100 (driver

#7217 invalid Account Settings / Password - Keeps changing can't log in kodsaepay Steve


I'm trying to connect a Canon 1D Mk III camera using a WFTE2a wireless file transmitter to my PC on Windows 7, Filezilla Server ver 0.9.37

I've set up a user and in 'Account Settings' I have the 'Password' box ticked (wont let me have a blank password).

Each time I change the password and click OK then go back into Account Settings the password has changes to a 32 digit password (I didn't set this password)

When I try and connect through the camera I get error 45 which suggests its a User Name or Password Error. As I don't know what the 32 digit password is and I can't replace it I'm getting no where.

Please help


#4999 outdated Download same file twice at the same time DummyPLUG

Download set to auto resume, queue the file twice, then start download. it will download in 2 different thread, to the same location, same local file(auto rename disabled). the result file is corrupt. Using FIlezilla

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