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#11828 fixed In Transfer Queue area, "Direction" arrows don't follow when columns are re-ordered jeff

In the transfer queue, if I rearrange the columns during a transfer, the direction arrows don't follow the source -> destination.

In the attached screenshot, I'm downloading files but, after rearranging the columns to match where I have my Remote and Local views, the arrows in the "Direction" column make it look like I'm uploading.

Love the program! Thank you!

#11827 duplicate Drive and directory selection option for both downloads and settings including updates. Twocats

For most (p2p) programs this is a very easy option to add.

If option can only be set via manually writing to the settings text file, then on-board client options should be added for ease of use.

Reasons: 1. Privacy; account name becomes a part of the footprints for downloads.

  1. Not everybody wants to write to their system drive. Personally since my power mac days tried to keep the system drive just for the system (using partition) and G4 days system drive independent of all work and personal files by directing them to alternate drives. Past 11 years used an mp3,1 upgraded 2 years ago with SSD system drive. I wish to keep writes restricted to system’s demands (run 24/7); other 4 larger drives for work and personal files.

FileZilla 3.39.0 macosx Mac OSX 10.11.6 on mp3,1

#11825 worksforme FileZilla doesn't show up on the MacOS App Switcher Simon Bate

I use the app switcher (CMD+Tab) to switch between applications on MacOS. However, I've noticed recently that FileZilla no longer shows up on the list of running applications on the app switcher.

This means I have to have it visible, so that I can click in the app, or I have to click on the app in the task bar so that I can find it again.

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