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#2531 wontfix Support speed limit rules for arbitrary IP ranges zfield

An option to add would be to have an optional rule that would allow you to set a a different transfer for a WAN and a LAN; or an option to set speed limits per ip range.

I like to have a limit set for the WAN but would like to have an unlimited speed set for my LAN at the same time.

#2315 duplicate directory / file size limit zeroxbeta

it would be very useful to be able to restrict the maximum ammount of data a user can upload to the server.

  • in general
  • per directory
  • per file

there was a post in 2003, i know that, but for it is still open i like to mention it again.

it is basicly the same all the web space providers do. you get 50megs or so and that`s it. i really like to see this feature in filezilla, too. thanks a lot.

#3190 3.0.0-beta11 files > 2GB don't show file size in client zercon

After connecting to an IIS FTP server, files of +2 GB do not dosplay the file size.

The attached screen print is after disconnecting and reconnecting and even doing a refresh. Note that the files to the right are missing the file sizes in the display.

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