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#11062 rejected Filezilla window unresizable in wxGTK with HiDPI display wayland

I'm running Fedora 24 with Gnome 3.20.4 on a Microsoft Surface Pro 3. Filezilla opens to a very tiny (and unusable) window that cannot resize or maximize. There's no "maximize" icon and double-clicking the menu bar does nothing.

Quick Googling led me to similar issues on the GTK side, and a patch was submitted and accepted upstream some time ago. More info on that here:

My short-term solution was to use the Gnome Tweak Tool to set my window resolution to "1", resize the Filezilla window and do what I need to do, then use the Tweak Tool to reset the resolution to "2" so I can go about my day-to-day operations. Because this was already patched in GTK I'm assuming there's something that might need to be addressed in Filezilla specifically. Thanks!

#2887 Add Site Name to Title Bar wavesailor

Hi and thanks for great product. It would be a great help if you could add the "Site Name" to the Title Bar. Currently it says Username@ It would help if it said MY_SITE_NAME - Username@ This is because I sometimes use the same username for different sites and then I'm not sure which site I'm working on.

Thanks and keep up the great effort.

#3627 Filezilla does not handle low diskspace conditions correctly watzo

OS: Windows XP SP2 Filezilla version: 3.1.0

  • steps to reproduce:
  • download one or more files exceeding the available disk space
  • actual result:
  • Filezilla logs the transfer failure in its log pane (Error: error while writing local file)
  • the incomplete file(s) are left in the directory
  • the transfers do not show up under failed transfers
  • expected result:
  • the transfers are added to the failed transfers pane
  • no remnants of the incomplete file remain in the target directory (in general I would appreciate a more atomic approach to Filezilla's transfers, e.g. first download to a temporary directory, move to final destination after successful transfer).
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