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#11171 rejected streamcloud majas78

good afternoon Every time I login with stream cloud filezilla can not log me in even dough i fill in the right password this is what i see Opdracht: USER miakies47 Answer : 331 Password required for miakies47 assignment : PASS * Answer : 530 Login incorrect. Foul : Fatale foul : can not connect whit server , but i am filling in the correct password please help

thank you with regards David Leider

#2905 rejected stop scrolling in message log pnoeric

Hi, when a file transfer is happening, if I scroll up in the log, it keeps moving and I can't really read it.

My sugestion is that as soon as the log isn't at the very bottom, scrolling is frozen (though it continues to fill) so I can look back at the log and read entries while the transfer is still proceeding.

#8180 duplicate stop processing feature request almannai


Thank you for this great product.

I would like to have this feature add to the application. The feature required is to allow us to stop processing the queue once the current upload/download finish.

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