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#4934 fixed Crash on layout change after closing tab Daniel Beardsmore

Steps to reproduce, in 3.0.0-beta1:

  • Open FileZilla
  • Create a new tab
  • Close that tab
  • Under Settings > Interface > Layout, choose another layout

Causes a crash, then Dr Watson crashes, then Dr Watson crashes trying to crash Dr Watson :)

#4935 fixed Explorer layout shows as Widescreen in new tab Daniel Beardsmore

After opening a new tab, trying to change the layout under Settings > Interface > Layout to Explorer, shows the Widescreen layout instead.


#4939 fixed Tab navigation enhancements Daniel Beardsmore

Suggest adding the following enhancements to navigation of tabs:

ctrl-tab should wrap around from the last tab to the first, vice versa for shift-ctrl-tab

ctrl-pgup/ctrl-pgdn should also switch tab, per Windows convetion

rolling the mousewheel over the tab bar should also switch tab -- not convention, but used in a few apps and very useful :)

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