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#4489 fixed Compile problems with >=gnutls-2.7.0 Tim Kosse Bernard Cafarelli

=gnutls-2.7.0 no longer defines the macro AM_PATH_LIBGNUTLS or distributes gnutls-config that filezilla uses to identify version (via libgnutls.m4).

pkg-config is the replacement that has been distributed by gnutls at least in version 2.2.5.

I'll attach a patch to use PKG_CHECK_MODULES instead, tested with gnutls-2.7.8 and gnutls-2.6.6, please review

Current output configure with new gnutls: checking for libgnutls-config... no checking for libgnutls - version >= 2.0.4... no * The libgnutls-config script installed by LIBGNUTLS could not be found * If LIBGNUTLS was installed in PREFIX, make sure PREFIX/bin is in * your path, or set the LIBGNUTLS_CONFIG environment variable to the * full path to libgnutls-config. configure: error: * * libgnutls 2.0.4 or greater was not found. You may want to get it from *


#4491 fixed Wrong password keeps being submitted pinecone

In previous versions, when I incorrectly entered my password, it would stop and give me the chance to fill it in again. Now, it keeps resubmitting my incorrect password and I have to shut it down and restart it in order to make the correction. I am running

#4496 fixed Copying folders not possible after server disconnected client mariush

I have Filezilla FTP server installed on a computer and I'm using Filezilla FTP client to connect to it.

After a while, the FTP server disconnects the client and if I then try to drag a folder with question mark on it to the other side (local folders) the command is simply ignored, nothing happens. So no adding to queue, no reconnect, nothing.

I can also reproduce it by using the "Kick user" command in the FTP server and then trying to drag an uncached folder (the one with ? on it) to a drive. With logging set to 4-Debug the only stuff shown on the message section is:

Response: 421 Kicked by Administrator Trace: Unexpected reply, no reply was pending. Trace: CRealControlSocket::OnClose(0) Error: Connection closed by server Trace: CControlSocket::DoClose(64) Trace: CFtpControlSocket::ResetOperation(66) Trace: CControlSocket::ResetOperation(66) Trace: CFileZillaEnginePrivate::ResetOperation(66)

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