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#7990 duplicate timed bandwidth throttle mechanism (speed limit) moug

With limited bandwidth being shared Filezilla can be a bit of a data hog.

Can I suggest a kb/sec download limit maximum transfer rate. This is a similar mechanism that some bit torrent clients have (Vuze)

I would also imagine an improvement over this feature that would allow a timetable of transfer rates. This would for example allow an increase in transfer rates after office hours, or overnight when the network is idle.

An example would be below:

Start  End  Download Bandwidth    Upload Bandwidth
0830 - 1730 10k bytes per sec     5k bytes per sec
1731 - 2000 50k bytes per sec     20k bytes per sec
2001 - 0700 unlimited             unlimited
0701 - 0829 50k bytes per sec     20k bytes per sec

I think this would a very good feature in shared network environments and for unattended operation of backups/large complex transfers.

I would suggest having separate upload and download limits for people with asymmetrical bandwidth connectivity.

#5071 outdated time/datestamp showing 00 for seconds on all files bendlight

The seconds portion of time/datestamp always displays "00" on all files on our AIX servers. I am using filezilla client version 3.3.01. The date and hour:min are all correct only the seconds are affected. I just noticed this but am sure that this was not the case in the past.

#9246 outdated time/datestamp showing 00 for seconds on all files Giovanni Mazza

Remote FTP site shows 00 seconds on the time stamp even though the file actually have second information. Attached is a sample of the local file side by side with the same file in the remote ftp site. The local file shows the seconds and the remote file shows 00. Those 2 files are the identical the file was download from the FTP site using another FTP client and put in the local folder. No matter which file you see all files last modified shows 00 seconds.

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