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#2692 toolbar button toggling multi-connections on/off mikesmullin

In the last version I used (v2.x I think) there was a file menu option to enable/disable multiple connections. It looks like this disappeared in favor of a simpler interface in 3.x but I would like to explain why it is an important feature:

When I want to quickly transfer 1-3 text files under 10kb, I want to do so QUICKLY. I have noticed in my case having to wait for 3 new connections to be established with the server is MUCH SLOWER than just transferring these files one-by-one using the same connection.

Conversely, when I know I need to download a directory full of hundreds to thousands of these tiny files, it is fastest to do so with multiple connections.

I would like to be able to toggle multiple connections using a toolbar button, if possible in this v3.x.

#10264 duplicate toolbar and top of window are cut off on laptop as second screnn aboyer

System: Mac OS 10.9.5 FileZilla Client I am running a laptop connected to a larger monitor. Monitor and laptop windows align at top. Dock is on larger monitor but applications open on laptop.

Steps to reproduce: Open FileZilla client from dock or direct from applications folder. FileZilla opens on laptop screen. Toolbar is not visible, though it is checked on view menu. Top of main window is not visible, so initial file listing is only partly visible. There is no way to drag the window down.

#8773 duplicate tool bar view issue Alkis Balasis

hi I love filezilla and i work with it all day long. I face an issue only with my notebook (samsung sf510, windows 7, intel embeded graphics card) the toolbar became white and "break" when the command status monitor start scrolling. If I pass the mouse over the toolbar I restore the "view" of this certain point back to normal.

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