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#1059 Unable to manually enter a filename Alexander Schuch clockwerx
  1. Connect to FTP server
  2. Get a directory listing of some kind
  3. Add a file, example.txt, to that directory external

to filezilla.

  1. Enter /path/to/file/example.txt in the server

address bar.

Expected: File is downloaded.

Actual: A warning that /path/to/file/example.txt/ is not a directory.

#1065 Client overwrites existing files with 0 bytes Alexander Schuch curado

I had the transfer settings set on Overwrite by default.

I was downloading several files and folders from a webserver. I realized I had already transfered one folder over, so I moved it into a "finished" folder on the remote server (using remote desktop) without removing it from the FileZilla client's queue.

When FZ 2.2.22 got to those files, it wrote 0 bytes over each one (eg. because the client was opening them for writing, and the server was responding that the files weren't found?). That is how it appears anyway.

#1069 Client not visible on taskbar until alt+tab is used Alexander Schuch alkisg

When I run FileZilla Client, the window is not displayed on the foreground (it is hidden beneath other windows) and it is not shown on the windows taskbar. Then, by pressing alt+tab the FileZilla window is displayed and it also appears on the taskbar.

I'm using FileZilla Client v2.2.19, but this happened with all versions I've been using (I think I first started using FileZilla about a year ago).


  • I use the .zip version (without installation)
  • I've put FileZilla.exe on apppaths

(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\App Paths), so I usually run it by doing start menu->run->filezilla

  • I usually have other windows open (e.g. IE or

firefox) when opening filezilla (maybe this has something to do with filezilla not appearing on the foreground).

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