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#3842 duplicate Transfer type icon in top icon row wjbell

I love Filezilla but the only thing I miss is a quick way to change transfer type. I'm constantly changing between ASCII and Binary and don't always trust the Auto setting.

Right now I need to go up to transfer > transfer type and select. I would be nice to have a right clickable icon with the selections right there or three separate buttons.

#4655 worksforme Downloads not recursing folders and multiple slashes in folder list wizzardmr42

I'm attempting to download files from a remote site using FileZilla Client Any files which are in the selected folder are correctly downloaded, but any folders FileZilla does a directory listing and doesn't add anything to the queue.

I think there is a clue in the remote site - it starts off when I connect with the path D:/home/\

If I go into that and enter the Default folder within home, it changes to D:/home//Default/\ I then have 2 entries in the remote folder list at the top level - each of the above entries. If I pop out D:/home/\ and try to select Default, it won't do anything and any folders that have popped out have ?s on them

If I now pop out D:/home//Default/\ and go into test.test, the remote path becomes D:/home//Default/test.test/\ and this is also added to the remote folder list.

If I continue this process further, I end up with something like D:/home//Default/test.test//htdocs/aspnet_client//system_web/2_0_50727/\ and a number of entries at the top level of the list.

The server that I am remoting to is Matrix FTP Server (from Fasthosts - provided with a dedicated server) running on Windows 2003 Server. I suspect that some of the problem may be coming from this, but I have tried it with an old copy of FileZilla 2.2.32 on my Windows XP Pro machine and that works fine - it recurses downloads perfectly and I get a path like D:/home/Default/test.test/htdocs/aspnet_client/system_web/2_0_50727/

#12588 worksforme Unable to upload and view folder Vijay


I have updated the Filezilla recently and after update, the local folders are not visible. Unable to upload folders having files. It is uploading the empty folder only. I have to enter the folder and then upload the files individually in each folder.

Here is the details of client: FileZilla Client

Version: 3.56.2

Build information:

Compiled for: x86_64-w64-mingw32 Compiled on: x86_64-pc-linux-gnu Build date: 2021-10-27 Compiled with: x86_64-w64-mingw32-gcc (GCC) 10-win32 20210110 Compiler flags: -O2 -g -Wall -Wextra -Wno-deprecated-copy -ffunction-sections -fdata-sections -Wno-cast-function-type

Linked against:

wxWidgets: 3.0.6 SQLite: 3.35.5 GnuTLS: 3.7.2

Operating system:

Name: Windows 7 (build 7600), 64-bit edition Version: 6.1 Platform: 64-bit system CPU features: sse sse2 sse3 ssse3 sse4.1 lm Settings dir: C:\Users\Vijay\AppData\Roaming\FileZilla\

Please let me know how to revert this update. Because previous version was working perfectly.

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