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#4282 fixed Rename text-area still exists when switching folders A.McBain

CPU: Intel Core2 Quad FileZilla Version:

Steps to reproduce:

  • Connect to a server
  • Right click a server file
  • Select rename
  • Click a folder in the divided-area above the file viewer

What happens: The text-area from the file rename is keep open when the folder is switched and remains active. What is expected: FileZilla should cancel the rename and hide the text-area when switching folders.

#4287 fixed multiple versions of same user in quick connect list Alex Mayer

the dropdown box beside the quick connect button is displaying 2 of the same user.

list looks like user1@… user1@… other_user@… user3@…

it started when i changed the password for "user1@…" i retyped the user info in the text boxes and pushed connect and now the list shows both versions of the user.

the one connects with the new password and the other connects with the old password.

you should check if the user is already in that list and just update it.

#4291 fixed Activity indicator lights not working in Brian

The red/green activity indicator lights in the lower right corner of v3.2.2.1 don't activate when receiving or sending data. I've tested this w/ a regular FTP server and FTP over SSH. The lights remain dim regardless of whether I'm uploading or downloading data.

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