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#9256 rejected Garbled Chinese simplified character in IE 10 Wind SONG

FileZilla server version 0.9.43 beta Windows server 2003 R2 Enterprise x64 SP2

I browse my FTP site by IE10. If I use Chinese simplified character set GB2312 in IE, the Chinese folder or file name are garbled. If I switch encoding to UTF8, the folder or file name are correct. But the FTP site's title are garbled. In Chrome, no this problem.

#3784 duplicate Right mouse click action: Copy URL to clipboard zisco

I'm coming from SmartFTP (since it's no more free) and they had a nice right-click feature - copy URL of selected FTP-file ord folder (with or without credentials). I'm missing that in filezilla.

#1317 MFMT + LIST problem zirya

If server clock is a little bit ahead client's one during the synchronization with MFMT command, than these lines will cause no time shown in the following LIST command reply, because t1 > t2.

if (t1 > t2
(t2-t1) > ((_int64)1000000*60*60*24*350))

pResult->len += sprintf(pResult->buffer + pResult->len, " %d ", sFileTime.wYear);


pResult->len += sprintf(pResult->buffer + pResult->len, "%02d:%02d ", sFileTime.wHour, sFileTime.wMinute);

The question is, what are these lines for? Isn't it easier to show both year and time always?

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