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#12602 fixed new version cannot be downloaded Wiljo

For the last two or three versions, I keep getting a 'new version available' message, but in the pop after startup (same when clicking the top menu item) I see: "The new version could not be downloaded".

The links with details and website just below that text only show when I hover them, I discovered this by accident. "Details" say: Started update check on 2021-12-13 19:41:59 Own build type: official Requesting Resolving address of Connecting to Connection established, initializing TLS... Verifying certificate... TLS connection established, sending HTTP request File transfer successful, transferred 1,318 bytes in 1 second Parsing 1318 bytes of version information. Found new nightly 2021-12-13 Found new release 3.57.0

#1220 Remote directory listing using OpenVMS 7 is blank wunssco

When using SFTP (SSH2) to connect to an OpenVMS 7 system using HP's SSH and FTP implementations, FileZilla does not display any items in the remote site location. Traces show that FileZilla is getting the file and directory listings, but they are not displayed in the Remote Site column.

#1121 Error on quick connect via URL with username but no password wssuan

When typing an URL in the Quick Connect Address box with username only, FileZilla pops up a dialog box for password but uses it as username.

e.q. ftp://someuser@somehost/ is given in the Address box. While FileZilla asks for password, "somepass" is given. In this case, FileZilla connects to "somehost" with username "somepass" and empty password.

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