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#1394 fixed Local tree view misses new drives on refresh comp-sci

Applies to: Version Windows Version Windows

When a new mass-storage device is available (e.g. an external hard drive on USB), refreshing [F5] the local tree view does not show this new drive. The new drive _will_ appear if FileZilla is restarted.

Not urgent, as the lower pane (local directory view) lists the new drive at the 'My Computer' level.

#1508 fixed let FZ3 create empty directory also tommywu

When we try to transfer whole directory, empty directory won't be created in FZ3. This patch will let FZ3 create directory even it is empty.

#1602 fixed Urgent Dialog Box connection timesout anonymous

I like FileZilla in the background, but I need an "Urgent Message" dialog box to pop-up to the front, when the connection timesout, or file/que download finishes.

Timeouts need a complete fix (see other's recommendations), but an optional dialog box would reduce my surprise that I had not noticed timeouts.

0) Dialog that pops up to front of current app on top. 1) Make ONLY optional! (but useful e.g., 650Mb ISO downloads, select "urgent message" dailog box) 2) If the FTP clears status and reconnects after a e.g., 30 second wait, clear the dialog box, to avoid thousands of boxes. 3) Don't spawn a new dialog box each time a problem occurs, 1000 dialog boxes is a hassle. Create one, and update it if need be. e.g., "Connection timeout: 7th timeout on 3:30:23s PM, Tuesday, April 23, 2002."

and best yet, "Download complete: 7:32:41s PM, Tuesday, April 23, 2002"


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