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#5165 outdated Password Issue John

When visiting a sequence of sites to download log files your system requires a second entry of a password despite the box to remember the password being ticked. Sequence of events -

  1. Log onto first site, download, no problem.
  2. Log onto second site, closing first option.
  3. download but one file requires second entry of password whereas the rest don't.
  4. Happens on every subsequent site visited during the session.

Also, why force users to go through several barriers to entry before they can report a bug. I have often not bothered becuase of your beaurocratic insistence on accounts. As a result bugs are not reported on time or at all.

#10871 rejected Critical file transfer error when download a file wyatts

After changing root drive into B:\ by commnad CWD, I faced Critical file transfer error when download a file.

Reproduction step

  1. enter custom command "CWD B:\" (default A:\)
  2. refresh for list B:\ drive
  3. download one of files in B:\ drive root

Expectation downloaded successfully

Actual Action Critical file transfer error

Attaching log file

#1674 Local treeview use Desktop as root wwykevin

For the FileZilla client, would the root of local treeview default to Desktop? It can let users to fast access the desktop and my document.

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