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#1001 *ULTRA* minor bug Alexander Schuch ahva410

I noticed when I was FTPing files between two computers on my 100mbit LAN that on the server side of things, its showing the current throughput, but, when it reaches to over 1000, it places the comma in the wrong spot. Instead of 1,000, its showing 10,00kb/s. Quick fix, but not worthy of a new release. ;)

#11689 duplicate --site does not work on latest version Kirk Shields

When starting the client via command line, FZ starts up but does not invoke any site settings. E.g. "C:\Program Files (x86)\FileZilla FTP Client\filezilla.exe" --site=mySite starts the client but does not initiate a session using the mySite settings. It behaves the same as if --site were not specified.

#11705 fixed --site-manager command line parameter switch doesn't seem to do anything Howard Brown

As of fileZilla version 3.35.2 the -s and --site-manager command line parameter switches do nothing when specified after the program path and name (out side of the ending double quote) in the properties box of a windows 10 desktop icon. I tried using -site-manager as well, but that gave me an unknown command message, but with either -s or --site-manager, no error message is displayed.

I expect that the -s and --site-manager switches should display the site manager dialog after fileZilla starts.

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