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#180 No activity on status bar during upload xmanore


I'm running 2.0.2 on an XP system. When I upload to my location, there's only activity on the status bar at irregular times.

At first I thought it was because some of the items I was uploading were so small that the status bar just blinked (and I didn't catch it) but the example that I'm showing here:

was a 1.2M file that took about 20 seconds to upload.

Sometimes the status bar shows activity and sometimes it doesn't. There doesn't really seem to be a pattern...



#757 No CR/LF conversion in FZ V2.2.9 xformer

When I transfer a makefile from a Windows PC to an Unix machine FZ V2.2.8d does never convert CR/LF to LF. I triedd it with automatic setting or setting the transfer type explicitely to ASCII. No way, CR/LF is still CR/LF on the Unix host which makes the transfered files simply unusable.

#12111 fixed TLS 1.3 key exchange inaccurate xeonmp

In the certificate details, if you're using TLS 1.3 and an ECDSA certificate, the key exchange will show "ECDHE-RSA", when it should be showing "ECDHE-ECDSA".

It only seems to happen when using TLS 1.3, prior TLS versions correctly display "ECDHE-ECDSA".

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