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#7284 duplicate 'failed to write xml file' Kath

Hi there, I have an ASUS Eee PC, Netbook (1G RAM). I only recently installed filezilla and did so under the instruction of my web hosts -- who say they are quite familiar with the program. I have successfully made several connections to their server and uploaded files onto it. This is the primary reason I installed the program. The last three times I have started filezilla, a series of error messages have been popping up (see attached images). I have to click 'OK' on the boxes, of which there might be anything up to seven or eight. Two or three appear as the program opens and three always appear at the end of the session. This doesn't seem to be affecting my ability to connect to the remote server; I have performed a test connection and uploaded a file to check. I'm just wondering is this an omen of worse problems to come. Thanks, Kath T Today I also downloaded the newest version of filezilla, hoping the problem would stop, but it didn't. I just started up and shut down filezilla and have taken screenshots of every error alert I have to click through; errors 01.gif and 02.gif appeared at the beginning and the rest at the end. I have checked to see the destination folders in the error messages and the files mentioned are there, but I don't know much about what the messages mean.

#5250 fixed 'nightly' builds update error Vladimir Voronov

FileZilla 3.3.2

When updating with 'nighlty' builds option, update gets file (March 3-4, 2010)

#113 (1.9.6) Reconnect button bug/feature Alexander Schuch

I noticed a new feature in FileZilla 1.9.6: The 'reconnect' button remembers the password. But for security reasons I don't save the password on my disk, I always type it in when FileZilla prompts me. The problem is that FileZilla even 'saves' a wrong password so that I have to quit and restart it. A solution would be to remember the password only if it was correct i.e. we get a '230 user logged in' during login.

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