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#113 (1.9.6) Reconnect button bug/feature Alexander Schuch

I noticed a new feature in FileZilla 1.9.6: The 'reconnect' button remembers the password. But for security reasons I don't save the password on my disk, I always type it in when FileZilla prompts me. The problem is that FileZilla even 'saves' a wrong password so that I have to quit and restart it. A solution would be to remember the password only if it was correct i.e. we get a '230 user logged in' during login.

#114 (1.9.6) refresh problems Alexander Schuch

FileZilla 1.9.6 seems to have some refresh problems: The remote view is neither refreshed after deleting a remote directory nor after changing permission (chmod) of a file/dir.

#127 (1.9.7) reconnect-Feature Bug Alexander Schuch

I'm using FileZilla 1.9.7 with two simultanious running instances. First I connect to host1.tld then starting another FileZilla and connect to host2.tld. After a while FileZilla on host1.tld gets disconnected (timeout) so I hit the reconnect button. But now FileZilla tries to connect to host2.tld which is wrong. The password seems to be remembered correctly as it cannot connect properly to host2.tld as I get a login incorrect so I assume that FileZilla sends the other right password for host1.tld.

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