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#12089 fixed SFTP broken after version 3.46.0 BB

Can't use SFTP on any version after 3.20.1 to the Lenovo ix2-dl NAS.

Status:	Connecting to
Response:	fzSftp started, protocol_version=9
Command:	open "" 1977
Command:	Pass: ********
Error:	FATAL ERROR: Remote side sent disconnect message
Error:	type 11 (by application):
Error:	"Unsupported protocol sequence"
Error:	Could not connect to server

Note: 1977 port is forwarded to 22 on router.

Works fine with 3.20.1 and below. Also tested with latest versions of other ftp clients such as CyberDuck and FireFTP and they work fine.

#3792 duplicate Sounds Batwing

I hope I have this in the right place.

In reading they few messages I don't see any response from the developer side of things. This request has been here 5 YEARS!!

Why is this?

I have 3.1.3 and nothing to make sounds from any action.

We should have a choice to play a sound for any action.

Anyway, would it be posiable to have this created for FZ.

By the way, FZ is really nice.... Thanks!!

#3797 duplicate Connect, Disconnect, Errors & information actions Batwing

I have searched the forum and the answer given is not answering the question. It's just an added extra step to setup for each item in the queue.

Please don't label this a duplicate. This deserves a real answer.

The Request, Please make an option under settings for standard sounds for actions. Not something that needs to be setup each time.

In other words, Please make away for the users to apply a sound to Connect, Disconnect, transfers failed & success etc....

The sound option is a Very Useful item. Especially when many things are setup in automation and by hearing a Error sound you know something needs attending.

The attachment is for the visual understanding ONLY

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