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#8039 fixed Ability to edit files from Remote File Search list Bruno Ramos Will Chapman

I find the remote file search very useful but also restricting. For example, I often search for error logs and having several subdomains I end up with a long list.

Invariably I want to open a file to see, and often edit its contents but I can't do so without waiting for the search to finish (or stopping the search).

Could I suggest one or more of the following in order of preference:

  1. To be able to click on a file in the list and read/edit it.
  2. For the search results form not to be a fixed dialog so that one can perform other functions whilst it is running (for example open and edit a file from the main FZ screens).
  3. Export a copy of the search results so that they can easily be referred to outside FZ (say in notebook)
#11899 worksforme ERROR say : " Error guardando la cola" CARLOS CARLOS

Ha ocurrido un error guardando la cola de transferencia en C:\Users\Crlos\AppData\Roaming\File\queue.sqlie3 Algunos objetos de la cola podrian no haberse guardado.

#4780 invalid 530 more info : Carlo Galli Josef Oscar Babuin

Hi, i have a website and i need upload some javascript files. The only way for do it is to upload with ftp access but when i write my user name and my password created on filezilla (my ftp is i read this message: 530 more info : Then when i connect to the server into filezilla i read this report:

Stato: Risoluzione dell'indirizzo IP in corso Stato: Connessione a Stato: Connessione stabilita, in attesa del messaggio di benvenuto... Risposta: 220 Aruba FTP Server Comando: USER 1934372@… Risposta: 331 Password required for 1934372@…. Comando: PASS * Risposta: 530 more info : Errore: Errore grave Errore: Impossibile collegarsi al server

Maybe i can't have the ftp client for my website.. my hosting provider i aruba and the kind of website that i have is nuke... Are this information useful for you?

Thanks Josef

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