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#11987 fixed cannot select with ctrl -multiselect Aurel

using from a long time filezilla .latest update has an issue /cannot select with ctrl (multiselect ).maby is just me ?

#4364 outdated Performance with huge queues (700k files) Aurelian

Hello guys,

You did and wonderful job here, from the last version i saw you made a lot of improvements, all do it seems that there is still an problem there. What happens with me is that I have a local ftp server and I just want to backup my files from the laptop so that I can format it, I put all the files in queue and I start transfer, because there are to many files in a small amount it seems that it get stacked and it just loads in memory and after stop responding. For ex I had 45 Gb to transfer but there were something like 700000 files so now I still have 139500 files and 3 Gb but it already start to respond harder and harder, I just looked in processes and I have allocated for filezilla around 595,190 K and If I leave it on pause it starts to go down but very slow. Do you have any solution in this problem, until now all the other software crashed, this one is the only one that still resists. Thank you and i`m waiting for your reply.

#4417 fixed Site Manager already open Mark

I have users on an Open Directory, their home folder is located on a remote Xsan so they can move to different machines and hold their settings, when opening Filezilla they can use everything except Site Manager. When clicking on site manager the Error pops up: Site Manager already open

The Site Manager is apened in another instance of FileZilla 3. Do you want to continue? Any changes made in the Site Manager won't be saved then. and "NO" and "YES" buttons. Yes opens the Site manager but nothing will save. I have looked at the settings and the .Filezilla folder is on the remote server instead of locally on the machine. Is there anyway to point the folder? or a fix for this issue? I am able to go to the sitemanager.xml on the server and put info in the xml it will appear in the site manager but it will not accept any new connections, and i have users who are always updating settings.

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