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#11710 fixed After updating client to version 3.36.0 it routinely crashes retrieving directory listing from one site Pete Maclean

I routinely use FileZilla client with two FTP servers. Immediately after updating the client to version 3.36.0 it started routinely crashing while "Retrieving directory listing..." from one of these servers. With the other server, I see no problem.

#10054 rejected After updating to cannot update our busness website Mary

Updated to version and after updating I cannot update our business website because it says it not connect to the server. I had no problem updating our website with the previous version which I think was 3.10.0. I checked with the server and the server Tech support says the problem is with File Zilla and not with the server. This is urgent to get fixed as we have wrong information for customers on our website.

#11616 rejected After upgrade to 3.33.0 downloading XMI file from z/OS to PC data is corrupted. Jim Kyriakakis

I just upgraded recently to 3.33.0 and at the end of the month I download an XMI file from z/OS which is an unloaded PDS file. I then run a check after the download using a tool called XMI Explorer to confirm the file is readable. Today the file is not. I then used standard DOS FTP to download same file and was ok. So what has changed in 3.33.0 that caused the corruption in the XMI files? I tried 6 other XMI files that worked in previous versions of FileZilla and they were corrupted using 3.33.0. I asked a colleague to try it as well and they too had the issue. The files are 39 meg so I can't attach to this record.If there is anything you need me to do let me know.

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