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#12719 fixed FileZilla wlan connect issue FilaZilla will freeze and wont connect uploads or server again Jeroi

Hello im using hp laptop and my phone as wlan internet provider. SOmetimes my hp will lose WLAN connection and retries it. In this behaviour Filezilla:

Komento: cd "/home/dh_g2amwh/" Virhe: Tiedostonsiirto epäonnistui "File transfer failed" Tila: Yhdistetään kohteeseen "Try again" Virhe: Yhteyden aikakatkaistu, koska yhteys oli toimimattomana 20 sekuntia "Connection waited 20s" Virhe: Tiedostonsiirto epäonnistui "File transfer failed"

So FileZilla will sometimes freeze on this. Now filezilla wont progress anything, wont connect new connection to new tab onlything that helps is to restart Filezilla and start upload of 15k files again.

FileZilla wont keep connection alive somehow and results frozen behaviour. Unstead of try connect you could use somekind of is internet alive loop that waits connection to internet then tries continue. But the connector will break filezilla as it is for now. And very fustruation as I have 15k files for my app and if it breaks somewhere in 5k to go I have to try send 15k again just to filezilla check if to overjump files wich will take a lot of time again.

And since FileZilla dont have filetransfer saving or current session saver script it wont remember filetransfer on restart which is a bit annoying.

#5201 rejected Filezilla crashes Windows 7 Jim Disbrow

Earlier this week I download Filezilla FTP client for windows from a link on your site. After installing Windows crashed and would not reboot. I had to repeair and set the system to a restore point. I downloaded the software again and had the same issue. I have an Acer 5538 with Windows 7 with windows 7 home premium which came installed. I love this software, do you have a fix?

#4852 duplicate Local file listing does not match column headers JimGiordano

Right click on the header bar for local files. The column setup dialog appears. Delete a column or move a column. The results are that the headers move, but the actual listing remains the same.

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