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#7170 outdated Failed to retrieve directory listing error: could not read from socket: ECONNRESET - connection reset by peer Jennifer Ng

I am using the FileZilla Server for this and the server is online.

Status: Resolving address of Status: Connecting to Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message... Response: 220 FZ router and firewall tester ready Command: USER Jennifer Ng Response: 331 Give any password. Command: PASS Response: 230 logged on. Status: Connected Status: Retrieving directory listing... Command: PWD Response: 500 invalid command, goodbye! Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing Error: Could not read from socket: ECONNRESET - Connection reset by peer Error: Disconnected from server

I already made a home directory for it.

May I know how to make the correct directory?

I need to use this for my online shop so I put my priority of the report as high.

Thanks a million and sorry for the inconvience caused. <:3 )~

#8747 duplicate SSH key loading order problem Jeremy

FileZilla on Windows 7 seems to start loading keys from Pageant before it loads keys specified in Settings/SFTP. If there are more than 4 keys in Pageant, remote SSH login fails with an error message due to too many failed authentication attempts.

A suitable resolution for this problem may be the follow two changes/procedures:

(1) Procedure

  1. Find a match for a Settings/SFTP specified keys using Pageant, then use those keys from Pageant.
  2. If that fails, attempt to load specified keys in Settings/SFTP without Pageant. (Pageant is not needed for password less keys.)

(2) The ability to specify keys in Site Manager per entry (session) is necessary to enable working with many sessions and keys. This prevents loading too many Settings/SFTP specified keys when there are more than 5 coexisting sessions each with a different key. The procedure mentioned below (1) still applies.

Behavior tested with remote SSHd versions: SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_5.9p1 Debian-3 SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_5.5p1 Debian-6+squeeze3

#11220 rejected installer 3.25.1 infected with virus JeremyInFrance

I've just updated to version 3.25.1 and during installation ClamXav reported infection by Adware.OSX.Spigot

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