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#8114 fixed Prompts again for action on file aready exists, despite "always use this action"/"apply only to current queue" previously checked within same queue matteo sisti sette

Steps to reproduce the bug:

  1. Select a folder with many subfolder on the server. Make sure you have a folder of the same name on the client with a similar tree structure containing at least a few files in common. Right click and choose "Download"
  1. When the first file that already exists is found, the prompt appears asking you what to do.
  • Select "Overwrite"
  • Check "Always use this action"
  • Check "Apply only to current queue"
  1. Click OK

Expected: it should download all the rest of the files and never ever ask you again what to do with existing files in the current queue

Observed: every once in a while the "file already exists" dialog appears again. I select "always use this action" and "apply to current queue only" again, and again, but it will still pop up again.

I don't know if this happens when the connection is lost and reestablished with the server. Even if this is the case it is wrong.

#8120 fixed Freezes on LAN download from server with connection limits Cryptor

Filezilla version: 3.5.3

I am connecting to two server over LAN. When I queue and process file downloads from both servers concurrently in a FZ client session, the client freezes and must be force-closed.

The servers are slightly unusual in that they are embedded servers in Topcon GPS receivers. The server software enforces a strict limit of one connection per receiver. I have configured this limitation in the Site Manager (Limit Number of Simultaneous Connections = 1).

If a subsequent connection is attempted, the receiver will return a 530 error message and disconnect. This behavior has been observed using Topcon NetG3A receivers as well as Topcon GB1000.

I have tried this using multiple client PCs (Asus netbooks, Dell desktops, laptops) using various operating systems from Vista to XP to Windows 7.

By contrast, if I open two separate filezilla client instances, and start a concurrent queue of downloads in each of these separate filezilla instances, the downloads work just fine. So this seems to point to some kind of race condition, or perhaps a connection isn't getting closed in the right order, when downloading within the same filezilla instance.

#8127 fixed GnuTLS out of date. Upgrade it please to 2.12.20 or better yet to 3.0.20 roy4

Hi! I have FileZilla 3.5.3, and it uses GnuTLS library ( to provide the secure connection. Since their where several improvements made on the GnuTLS, since 2.10.4 version (the one currently present in FileZilla 3.5.3) is it possible to upgrade to the most update 2.12.20, or to the 3.0.20 (if it doesn't brake things of course).

I request this because it seems to have problems connecting to the servers (after sending many files, like 700 of them) and seems to be something related to the GnuTLS... I'm not completely sure, but in the logs GnuTLS seems part of the problem.

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