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#8020 fixed Uploading files doesn't overwrite Nigel

Whenever I try to replace my index.html file and attached folders and such from updated ones in my documents folder, they don't overwrite.

The overwrite window gets brought up, I always pick: "Overwrite", and it doesn't replace it because the file size stays how it was before the file transfer.

I've tried uploading it to the root folder and then moving to the public_html folder but nothing works. Actually what I've noticed is that initially when it's uploaded, for a split second, it replaces, then the file size goes back to normal.

Even removing the index.html file and going to the site in my browser still seems as though the index file is still uploaded when it's not.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

#8035 fixed theme 24x24 icons size are not suported cdeschenes

I made a theme using 24x24 icons (like others windows toolbars). Unfortunately the suported icons size are hardcoded in file : /FileZilla3/trunk/src/interface/themeprovider.cpp

It's can be a good idea to add support to all other formats or at least 20x20, 24x24 and 64x64 sizes.

#8039 fixed Ability to edit files from Remote File Search list Bruno Ramos Will Chapman

I find the remote file search very useful but also restricting. For example, I often search for error logs and having several subdomains I end up with a long list.

Invariably I want to open a file to see, and often edit its contents but I can't do so without waiting for the search to finish (or stopping the search).

Could I suggest one or more of the following in order of preference:

  1. To be able to click on a file in the list and read/edit it.
  2. For the search results form not to be a fixed dialog so that one can perform other functions whilst it is running (for example open and edit a file from the main FZ screens).
  3. Export a copy of the search results so that they can easily be referred to outside FZ (say in notebook)
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