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#3504 mac ver issues Alexander Schuch spaceman37

installed new ver on a mac.

i originally downloaded the ppc ver, cause i own both, on the mac mini intel, it crashed a lot. so i downloaded the intel ver. turns out was a different problem, more details below. but switching may have caused issue 1.

(1) main problem that is going to force me to find a different client to use. can not save settings anymore.

it comes up with the settings that i had put in it before, but i try to save them is says cant find the file. at one point i had moved the program also. was going to run it from a usb drive/device.

is unclear to me witch part started the issue, due to can not get it working again to test.

i am able to save sites, in the site manager. is the preferances that wont save.

(2) crashing, appears is a permissions issue confected to an EX machine where the files are local network.

drag and drop to ftp window crashes most times. when drag to a sub dir on the server. if i open the dir and click it, it works.

and crashes every time if their is a file usage permissions issue. seems to only happen when i use winzip to zip the files.

#3517 Remembered preference Alexander Schuch westhemess

In the previous build of Filezilla Client, it remembered what the local site last preference was (ie: sort by Modified) It does not do it now but it still remembers the last preference of the Remote Site.

Current version: 3.0.10

#3524 .xml file problem Alexander Schuch wink0r

I use a media player that uses an .xml file for the playlist. I tried uploading three instances of the player to some webspace last evening. None of the three would work. I have another instance of the player on the space that I had uploaded probably with a 2.xx version of FileZilla. I finally traced the problem down to the playlist which is an .xml file. When I was reasonably certain that the problem was with the .xml file I got FireFTP and uploaded my playlists with that program. The players all work with playlists uploaded with FireFTP. I have two computers and I tried with both computers. To check I uploaded the files using FileZilla 3.0.10. All the players broke again. Reuploading the files with FireFTP fixed the players again.

My Computers both run Windows XP Home OS. They are Core 2 Duo computers with 2GB of ram. I had version 3.0.5 running when I first encountered the problem. I checked for updates and updated to 3.0.10. I have attached one of the .xml files. I did not download one of the broken ones to compare.

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