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#4800 duplicate Slashes in file names cause incorrect copy to host Jadame

If you use Filezilla to transfer a file with a / in it from a device that supports them in file names, Filezilla will cut the file name apart and create a directory with the first part and name the file the second part.

This was noticed transferring files from an iPod Touch through SSH onto a Windows Vista machine with Filezilla

Seems to be caused since other filesystems than NTFS and FAT allow "/" as a regular character, as they use "\" for directory structure instead. When transferring, the host OS interpretes the character "\" as indicating a directory.

For example:

Transferring /remote/myfile\'name.txt to C:\localdir\ will create a directory c:\localdir\myfile\, transfer the file there instead, with the name "'name.txt"

#8178 duplicate .htaccess & proftpd server Jake

Newest (win32 3.5.3) filezilla refuses to show hidden files on a proftpd server. If I use the WinXP shipped ftp, 'DIR -a' command shows hidden files as expected and I see the options text saying parameters -l and -a were used. With filezilla w/o hidden files setting the 'Options: -l' appears both times.

#11091 rejected My ftp wont allow me in. JakeF907

Upon entering my credentials as usual. I get the message 'Connection established, waiting for welcome message...'. This is odd as I have used it with the correct credentials before, could it have crashed?

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