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#8191 outdated Add to toolbar: delete queue, new folder Fred Sigworth

The commands I need most often are "delete all files in the queue" and "new folder". I have discovered that by right-clicking I can get both of these options, but as you undoubtedly know from the many help requests, beginning users do not know about the right-clicking. Please add these two important items to your toolbar. They are more commonly needed than any of the other toolbar items.

#1504 Add two more commandline arguments to FAQ doc Tim Kosse elsapo

Add to this page

the following commandline arguments, which have been available in filezilla for a couple of years, since the developer kindly accepted my patches to add them for automated use (in 2004 I think).

Add the below descriptions -- or some variation, these are just my off-the-cuff attempts :)


This argument causes FileZilla overwrites any existing

file without prompting (for automated and script use).


This argument causes FileZilla to close after the

upload is complete (for automated and script use).

#2559 outdated Add/fix logical mapped drive support aesix

When using mapped drives in Windows Server as home directories, unable to access via FTP client.

server\share domain resident mapped drives used as ftp directories fail to be accessable in both writing and reading functions. First errors were permission violations. Tested this configuration with multiple mapped drives with up to domain administrator credentials. Once the permissions violations were resolved, FileZilla began giving internal error messages.

Drives hard-mounted to the same machine as the FileZilla server lives work perfectly.

Thanks guys

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