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#435 Uploading via Network not possible leo_forge

I have eg. on X: a Network drive mapped. I connect to my ftp site, change dir. Then try to upload a file from the Network-dir to the ftp-dir.

I see there is on the ftp-site the file somehow created, but only with 0 bytes len. And additionally I receive error that the 'local file 'X:....' could not be opened. Upload failed'.

When uploading it via DOS command-line, this works. Uploading from the local drive works also fine.

#436 Local/remote details format discrepancies; local time bug Scott M. Sanders

Here are discrepancies in the list formatting of file and folder details and columns between local and remote lists (note that the local system is Windows XP Pro, and the remote is Unix runnning Apache):

Filesize: (Configurable, but the only one)


  • Local: One column named "Last Modified"; date

formatted m/dd/yyyy; time formatted H:mm t (?)

  • Remote: Two columns named "Date" and "Time"; date

formatted mm/dd/yyyy; time formatted H:mm

Filetype: Missing on remote list

Permissons: Missing on local list, even though Windows sets permissions, too (just not the same as Unix)

Also, note that the local time format is incorrect, using 24-hour time and the AM/PM variable.

I would suggest (if it's not in your todo already) making all file and folder details and list columns fully configurable for both local and remote lists, including selectable columns and formatting (like currently with filesize).

#437 files list is not updated in the local tree view cedriclevasseur

Here's the way to reproduce the bug :

  1. run filezilla
  2. browse a local directory, for exemple c:\TEMP using

the tree view.

  1. run the explorer, select c:\TEMP, create a new

directory called azerty (as you want)

  1. return to filezilla. try to refresh the tree by

double-cliking on c:\TEMP or c:\, but azerty will never appears Fortunaly, its appears when on the list view, you choose the parent directory (..) and re-select TEMP again. But even in this case, the tree does not refresh.

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