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#3819 outdated FTP uploading error Jose Enrique Castro

I am trying to upload some files (100 Mb or more). I was using last version of Filezilla FTP client (3.1.3). The file is uploading till it is locked (1.6 or 1.7 MB). From this point, my internet connection is locked and I can't navigate web or ftp, till I restart my system. I am using now Filezilla and all is OK. Thanks

#8032 outdated Unity Support in Ubuntu 12.04 Jonathan

I've noticed that when you minimize FileZilla you cannot re-open the existing window. If you click on the FileZilla icon in the unity menu to re-open a minimized instance, it instead opens a new instance. This can lead to FileZilla crashing. This also poses a serious concern for long upload/download of files due to losing where you are at. Please contact me if you need more information, I'll provide any assistance I can.

#8093 fixed Increase number of retries (it's only 3) at FZS when using PASV and Port range JLM

Please, can you make this tiny change? In the ControlSocket.cpp file change

unsigned int retries = 3;


unsigned int retries = 10;

or any other value (please, at least 5).

I have a FZS that sometimes fails when using PASV and a given range of ports, because in that case the server does not use a free port given by the OS, but tries to create a socket in a free port of that range, and if it is not free it tries with the next one up to 3 times before failing with the answer: '421 Could not create socket'. The solution can be just to increase a little the number of attempts to find a free port where to create the socket for the data connection (the aforementioned unsigned int retries = 3;).

Thank you in advance.

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