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#3878 rejected remote directory listing display problem Elim

I had 2.2 for very long and now am tring the new version. My remote directory contains some chinese named files and all become not readable.

My old 2.2 version is ok on this aspect.

I noticed that my local directory list is ok even there are chinese named files. The problem is the remote directory display.

My remote server os is linux. It handles chinese ok for my old filezilla 2.2

#669 remote directory listing disabled anonymous

When logging onto a IBM MVS system FileZilla can not retrieve a directory listing. That is fine because I would rathter enter the specific directory to go to at that point. Unfortunately when this happens, the Remote Directory listing area is disabled and I cannot type the directory I want.

Please enable the remote directory listing area for manual entry.

#37 remote Files don't show on NT4 server Tim Kosse didiermisson

I try FileZilla 1.6. Seem very interesting.

It work well when I test it with "" I can see the directories and files on their site.

But when I try on our NT 4 server, the connection is OK, but I don't see the list of files and directories! I only see the ".." entry. No other elements !

If I try simply in a DOS box, with the FTP client of NT4, it work. I can see the list of files with the "ls" command.

I think the Telnet/FTP server on the NT4 server is Fictional Daemon v4.1 (

How can I solde this problem ? I will also go on the Fictional Daemon web site to see if this problem is know...

Thanks a lot Didier

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