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#10186 worksforme Multiple issues with latest build - Can't edit files - Can't connect to servers Thomas Black

Hello FZ team,

This latest build is not quite right. Have never had issues with anything before.

#1 - Constantly have to close and re-launch FileZilla to avoid "couldn't open filename.ext" errors when editing files locally.

#2 - When connecting to server fails there is no error message / indication. It just acts as if you never attempted to connect

Thanks for all you do, Thomas

#4832 rejected FTP Client does not list directories Ulisses Lima

FTP Client does not list directories in Sambar Server version 5.2.

Status: Decidindo o endereço do Status: Conectando com Status: Conexão estabelecida, esperando a mensagem de boas vindas... Resposta: 220-Sambar FTP Server Version 5.2 Resposta: 220 Your FTP Session will expire after 900 seconds of inactivity. Comando: USER advanced-eng Resposta: 331 Password required for advanced-eng Comando: PASS Resposta: 230-Welcome to the Sambar FTP Server Resposta: 230 OK Comando: SYST Resposta: 215 UNIX Sambar Server Comando: FEAT Resposta: 211-Extensions supported Resposta: AUTH TLS Resposta: PBSZ Resposta: PROT Resposta: 211 END Status: Conectado Status: Recuperando a listagem de pastas... Comando: PWD Resposta: 257 "/" Comando: TYPE I Resposta: 200 TYPE is now 8-bit binary Comando: PASV Erro: O tempo da conexão se esgotou Erro: Failed to retrieve directory listing

#1281 Typo on FileZilla Server Security Settings options Page ukcodemonkey

Has the word bandwich instead of bandwidth.

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