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#1347 empty directories could not be deleted via ftp ukaemmerer

I'am using FileZilla-Client Version When I connect to a FTP-Server i seems that it is not possible to delete empty directories (on server).

Workaround : upload a file to this directory and then delete directory including file.

#1251 MFMT does not accept time with hours == 0 uk041103

FileZilla 0.9.23:

"MFMT 20070319003137 file.dat" fails with "invalid date" message. It appears, that it does not accept 00:31:37 as a valid time - if I replace the 00 by 01, for instance, it works. "MDTM file.dat", on the other hand, returns 20070319003137 if the file date has been set by other means (copying by explorer :-)). Thanks

#4197 outdated Resume File Upload Ver. 3.2.0 Not Working druzick

I'm trying to upload a 700MB file to my web site. The connection inevitably interrupts before the entire file is uploaded. When I try to upload again, I get a screen from FileZilla asking me to select from several options - i.e. overwite, skip, resume, etc. I select resume and it attempts to resume the upload, but it doesn't work. The upload status bar appears and a few bytes transfer and then it resets and tries again. It does this at least 10 times before stopping. It never makes any progress.

The resume works with other FTP programs, but for some reason FileZilla uploads 10 times faster than all other programs. I wish I could use it, but it just won't work.

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